How To Create A Bohemian-Themed Garden Space

The nights may have started to slowly close in, and it won’t be too much longer until temperatures begin to tail off, but you can still get lots of garden use in before summer turns into autumn. 

There’s even plenty of time for you to establish a new theme in your garden prior to the change of seasons.

We’ve spoken about garden themes quite recently here, but one theme we didn’t mention was the bohemian (boho) theme. 

It can add vivid charm and exuberant aesthetics to any decked area, terrace or lawn, and is really in vogue at the moment.  

But how do you accomplish the boho look? It’s easy, when you know how:

Tribal throw pillows

One of the quickest and simplest ways to initiate a boho theme outdoors is to put out one or two tribal throw pillows. 

Their vibrant colour and geometric patterns will make a striking statement and inject life into your seated areas. 

So long as they’re consistent with your colour palette, it doesn’t matter if the patterns on your throw pillows are a contrast to everything else. 

There’s a fantastic selection of tribal throw pillows on the Society 6 website, all designed by a community of independent artists.

Fairy lights

Don’t let nightfall put an end to your garden enjoyment if it remains warm enough to sit outside. 

You won’t have to if you have some fairy lights incorporated into any hanging trees and bushes or your pergola or gazebo. 

If you think fairy lights are best just kept for Christmas, you can always use outdoor chandeliers, tea lights, candles or lanterns instead to make your garden space sparkle under the moonlit sky.

For a bit of extra light (and heat), invest in a fire pit for the garden.

Outdoor rug

We bet you’ve never thought about putting a rug on top of your decking? It’s a must in any boho garden. 

Find a rug that’s well-sized for the area, perhaps with an oriental design, and it doesn’t need to be in mint condition – the distressed look fits in nicely with the style. 

You can get some outdoor rugs that are fully waterproof so that you can leave them out in the rain. 

Big or small, a rug or two will make your outdoor setting look on point and feel super-cosy and super-comfy.

No boho garden is complete without some UPVC decking, and Lakeland Verandahs can get that organised for you. Give us a call or request an Online Virtual Quotation