How To Look After Your Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are very popular with interior designers and progressive-thinking householders, and used a lot in modern architecture to support staircases, terraces and balconies. 

UPVC Decking & Glass Balustrades

They’re paired with outdoor decking a lot, and often fitted internally too, making spaces safer and look sophisticated, and feel much roomier than they actually are, bringing extra light into them and acting as a windbreaker when installed outside. They’re also far more robust than you would imagine and really simple to clean. 

They look their best when spotless and it doesn’t take much to get them spick and span as they’re amazingly easy to clean. 

You don’t need to splash out on any fancy cleaning products or put in some serious hard graft to get rid of any visible smudges or fingerprints on the glass. 

Just find a bucket, fill it full of hot soapy water and get a microfibre cloth. Drench the cloth in the water and give the glazed surface a thorough wipe all over – do this every three months or so. 

To lose any stubborn streaks, you’re better off using a squeegee instead of a cloth to make the glass completely streak-free and crystal clear. 

If you need to shift around any furniture to be able to get to your glass balustrades properly and clean them, be careful not to catch the glass and damage it! The glass is exceptionally tough and hard to impair, but it’s not totally damage-proof, so take care when moving stuff about close by. 

It’s a good idea to clean your glass balustrades in the evening and when it’s not too warm outside because if the warm water applied to the glass dries too quickly in the hot sun, it can result in streaks and marks being left. 

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