Matching Your Deck To Your Home’s Aesthetic

Matching Your Deck To Your Home’s Aesthetic

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor living space, a well-designed deck can add both style and functionality to your home.

But to truly create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor areas, it’s essential to match your deck to your home’s aesthetic.

In this blog, we’ll explore some key steps to achieve a cohesive look that seamlessly integrates your deck with your home’s style.

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Consider the deck shape and layout

The shape and layout of your deck should flow naturally with the design of your home.

For homes with clean lines and a contemporary feel, consider a simple rectangular or square deck design. If your home has a more intricate architecture, a multi-level deck with curves and angles may complement the style better.

Take into account the available space and the intended use of the deck. A larger deck with defined areas for dining and lounging may be suitable for homes that frequently host gatherings. On the other hand, a small and cosy deck might be ideal for a more intimate setting.

Pay attention to railing and balustrades

Deck railings and balustrades are not only functional but also play a significant role in the overall appearance of your deck.

Therefore, you should match the style of your railings to the architectural theme of your home.

For a modern home, consider glass railings for a sleek and contemporary look, whereas traditional homes may benefit from UPVC balustrades that add classic charm. We have a range of fashionable and traditional colour finishes too.

Seek professional guidance

Designing a deck that perfectly complements your home’s aesthetic can be a challenging task.

Our expertise and experience can help you make informed decisions that ensure a visually appealing result.

Our team can even help when selecting the colour of your deck, helping you to consider the hues present in your home’s exterior. Complementary colours can help tie everything together, creating a unified and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At Lakeland Verandahs, we believe it is important to take the time to carefully consider the design elements, and let your deck blend effortlessly with the beauty of your home.

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