Does a Deck Add Value to Your Home? Advices for Homeowners

It is designed and built by a team of professionals, like we have at Lakeland Verandahs, and is in character with your house and garden, as many of our customers have discovered when they identically wondered does a deck add value to your home.

deck add value to home
Does decking add value to your home?

Unveiling the Surge in UPVC Decking Popularity

There’s a huge market for UPVC decking and its popularity only seems to grow year-on-year – but why is that?

Much of its appeal is driven by the low maintenance aspect of what we believe is a garden essential because who has the time nowadays to be spending relentless hours repainting, re-staining, and restoring a deck? You don’t need to be making such a commitment with UPVC as it’s so simple to preserve and can resist the elements. 

Its realistic woodgrain finish also gives it an upper hand on wood – often, it’s difficult to tell that the deckbooards aren’t timber due to how convincing the wood-like pattern is. 

And lastly, uptake is strong in Lakeland decking from an environmental aspect as we manufacture it using recycled UPVC to keep our carbon footprint low and promote sustainability. 

Exploring UPVC Decking’s Impact on Property Value

Does decking add value to your home is something we’re understandably asked a lot by customers ahead of them embarking on a home enhancement project of this type. 

The probability is that it will do and by somewhere in the region of 10%, which translates into a significant sum of money. 

Compared to the cost of having a stone patio put down in your garden space instead, it also comes in more cheaply and will inject any kerb appeal that your garden may currently be lacking. 

When an estate agent comes to value a property, the garden item will be included in the price and listed amongst its most prominent features so that buyers are alerted to its presence. 

Decking Elegance: Drawing Home Buyer Interest

You have a matter of seconds to grab the interest of buyers when looking to sell and an efficiently planned and elegant deck will do your chances of earning a house sale no harm. 

See it create a focal point in your garden that cannot escape the attention of all those who are given an introduction to the outdoor space. 

A host of activities can take place on them and a learned buyer is bound to recognise that and maybe then visualise themselves using it in whatever way suits their lifestyle. Should it be constructed from UPVC, this will also tell them that they’re likely to get many years of usage out of the product, with the same not so possibly true of timber-built equivalents.

It helps if the colour correlates to and complements all the other colours around, including the house itself, for a harmonious, attractive aesthetic so that it effortlessly blends in rather than sticking out for the wrong reasons. 

Old, worn out decking is unlikely to do a home any favours, so if you’re wondering if does replacing a deck add value to your home, we can categorically tell you that it would. 

Deck Value Addition: Exploring Usable Living Space Benefits

At present, you might be restricted as to what you can do in your back garden if it gets too saturated or is uneven in parts. Harness the space from day to day on modern decking. 

Not only does it add value to your home, but it also initiates previously untapped usability options, providing you with a place to dine out on a sunny evening or crack open the drinks under moonlight. 

The kids will love you for it too, perfect for doing their den building and setting out any favourite toys and games they have that can be played outdoors. 

Does your boss allow you to work from home? Armed with your laptop, you could sort that word processing or spreadsheet sorting in the sunshine, guaranteed to raise your productivity levels. 

This is by no means a definitive checklist of decking ideas, however it offers a small flavour of the versatility of it for families. 

Factors Affecting Deck Value: UPVC vs. Wood Comparison

Our finances govern what we can spend and it will be a consideration when you come to evaluate whether to invest in a UPVC or wooden deck. 

Timber decking typically costs less, so it could entice your investment if your budget is limited, but don’t rule out UPVC just on that basis. 

Think of the resilience of UPVC and how low maintenance it is in comparison to wood. You won’t have to commit hours of upkeep because UPVC can look after itself, which cannot be said of timber – painting, staining, oiling – it needs it all and again and again. 

UPVC solutions require only hosing down and the odd sweep to loosen dirt and remove leaves or debris to get the deckboards looking spick and span. 

So, whilst wood is the more affordable of the two, UPVC demands a lot less attention and will naturally be a deck add value to home. 

Factors Influencing Deck Value: Size, Design, & Features

Decking is a major buyer attraction and could make the difference in someone putting in an offer for your house or passing on the opportunity and looking elsewhere. Get it accessorised with furniture, planters, box hedges to give that extra wow factor and irresistibility for when prospective buyers come for a viewing. 

To what extent it adds value to your home can depend on how well it aligns with it, the efficiency of the design, where it is positioned, and what additional features it incorporates. 

How much outlay it requires revolves around things like its proposed size – the more area it covers, the more you’ll have to pay for it. Material choice will also be a factor, with UPVC being very cost-friendly, and whether you intend to install it yourself or employ a company such as Lakeland Verandahs as a decking guide to organise it on your behalf, which will obviously attract a fee, although we do offer exceptional value for money! 

Maximising ROI with Deck Additions

Unless you have an extensive background in conducting decking installations, and hold the relevant qualifications and accreditations, we recommend that you leave its fitting to the experts. The slightest error or fault could end up costing you a fortune and cause the product to fall short in delivering expected performance. 

With the appointment of Lakeland Verandahs, you’re working with a company that plans everything to the very last detail, possesses years of experience, and can take on even the most complex of undertakings. 

You also receive a 10-year insurance backed warranty at the conclusion of the project, assuring you of product cover in the event of something going wrong, which we’ll, of course, look to quickly remedy. 

If in any doubt as to whether to pay out for our assistance, check out some of the testimonials on our website and social media. Reading them will give you supreme confidence in our capabilities. 

Does a Deck Increase Home Value?

Decking most certainly has the potential to elevate the current valuation of your property. 

If you’re wanting a precise figure of how much value it can add to a house, it’s quite difficult to give you that. However, we know from experience that the quality of the decking, how it’s configured, and what it’s built from can all impact the amount of value it delivers. 

As a rough indication, you could be looking at an uplift of around 5-10% for reasons that also include enlarging the usable outdoor space you have and the affordability of the product compared to alternative outdoor living enhancements. For some, UPVC decking has an edge over traditional timber thanks to it being much easier to maintain, another part of its appeal and a big sales point. 

Your Questions, Answered

Is a deck a good return on investment?

Absolutely, adding it can provide an excellent return on investment for your home. Increasing usable outdoor space makes your property more appealing to potential buyers. It creates an ideal setting for social gatherings, relaxation, and various outdoor activities, significantly enhancing your home’s overall attractiveness. It also offers a safe and enjoyable environment for children and pets, making them family-friendly.

Homes with them often stand out in the real estate market, which can lead to a quicker sale and the potential to sell at a higher price compared to homes without one..


What adds more value, a deck or patio?

Both a deck and a patio can significantly boost your home’s value, but your choice should align with your specific needs and preferences. Opting for a deck, particularly one constructed from premium materials like UPVC, offers an elevated outdoor area that is both visually striking and practical.

Decks often integrate more smoothly with your home’s architecture than patios, creating a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor living spaces. Ultimately, the added value of either option hinges on its execution and how well it enhances your home’s overall aesthetic.


Should I replace my deck before selling?

If your current decked area is made of wood, it’s wise to think about replacing it before listing your home for sale. Wood,, although initially appealing, tends to deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements and demand regular maintenance.

Opting for a UPVC as a replacement can be a smart move. Known for their durability, longevity, and minimal maintenance needs, UPVC decks maintain their appearance without frequent upkeep, making them very attractive to potential buyers. Installing UPVC can boost your home’s kerb appeal and increase its market value, making it a beneficial upgrade prior to selling.


How much should I spend on a deck?

The price of decking can fluctuate based on several factors, including its size, design, materials, and extra features. To set a budget, think about your goals for the outdoor space and how you plan to use it. While high-quality materials like UPVC may come with a higher initial cost, they can save you money in the long run due to their durability and low maintenance needs.

For an accurate estimate tailored to your requirements, it’s advisable to request a quote from a trusted company like Lakeland Verandahs. Our specialists can provide detailed pricing based on your specific preferences, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. It’s also important to note that we do offer flexible finance, so you can spread the cost of paying for it. 

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