Why Adding UPVC Decking Could Add Value To Your House

It feels like it’s been a very lengthy winter, but fear not, better weather will be here before too long.

UPVC Decking, Fencing & Balustrades

Once it arrives, how nice would it be to sample some beers and home-made cocktails in the garden with friends on a cosy set of outdoor chairs?

Rather than just envisage that idyllic scenario, get making it a reality this summer and have UPVC decking installed by Lakeland Verandahs.

It will be like having an extra room at the house, one reserved for outdoor entertaining, which will also add value to the property.

We mention about it adding value as giving a garden added kerb appeal can potentially improve a property’s valuation by 10%, and the fitting of UPVC decking can contribute to that figure.

A buyer is likely to be enticed by a house where they have somewhere special outdoors to sit and relax after a hard day’s work.

You could look to have a stone patio fitted for the same means, but this will cost a lot more, giving you less of a return on your investment if you ever sell, and take a lot longer to fit.

Putting UPVC decking down is far easier and faster, particularly if it will be a raised deck.

What also works in its favour is that it hardly needs any maintenance – who has the time to be performing maintenance?

No painting and no varnishing are necessary, while the opposite is true of wooden decking. Sweeping the surface with a brush should be enough to keep it looking good.

Our UPVC decking is also very timber-like in its appearance. It will therefore subtly and nicely blend into garden surrounds, more so than paving.


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