Decking: The Complete Guide To It From Lakeland Verandahs

Transformed garden with decking

So, you’re planning on making the smart decision to invest in UPVC decking this year. But what’s next?

Here at Lakeland Verandahs, we have put together a complete decking guide for your ease, including considerations to take into account when purchasing it, how to look after it over future years, and what to expect once it has been finished.

Do your research into decking installers

Finding the right company for the job is the basis of a smooth and successful decking installation. Lakeland is one of hundreds of decking specialists that you could appoint.

Search the internet for reviews to see who has a history of pleasing customers and providing value for money, and after shortlisting a few of them, get a minimum of three quotes to compare prices, before entering into dialogue to gauge their expertise.

Lakeland is in its 15th year of trading and has built up a huge stable of quality installations and glowing testimonials.

UPVC Decking

What decisions you can expect to make

Before the installation begins, you will need to decide on your decking’s position, colour and size.

Requesting samples, checking out current trends and simply looking around our website for inspiration can help you with your decisions. But most importantly, we recommend you lean on our team of advisors’ expert help and guidance.

While colour is more of a personal choice, we would be happy to offer advice on size and positioning based on your available space and requirements.

Decking built around pond

How decking can improve your garden

Once our UPVC decking has been installed, you can expect a complete transformation both visually and practically that you can begin to take advantage of right away. You will finally be able to enjoy a dedicated space for entertaining and relaxing within nature, enhancing your quality of life tenfold.

The value of your property will also increase as it modernises your garden. One of the top must-haves for buyers is a modern garden and there are few updates you can make which will make as much impact as our contemporary decking.

You can see one of our favourite transformations here.

Seating on decking

How to look after UPVC decking

Like every part of the home, your decking will require some maintenance. However, unlike timber, our UPVC decking is favoured for its low-maintenance. Its impressive weather-resistance and durability makes it a popular choice with today’s modern homeowners.

You can find out more about how it compares to timber in this recent blog post.

It’s important you winterise your decking each year to increase the longevity of your decking, in addition to sweeping away dirt with a broom and cleaning it with water and soap with a deck brush now and again. It really is as simple as that!

Water and soap on decking
10 years of reliability and aftercare

It’s very rare for a Lakeland deck to exhibit problems or fail in some respect in the first decade of its installation, but in the event that it does, there’s no cause for alarm as you have our 10 year warranty as backup.

Alert us to whatever issue arises once uncovered and we’ll have someone from our team come over to check it out and carry out any required repairs or fixes quickly and without fuss.

We’re extremely responsive, which is the least we can do to repay you for your much valued custom.

Grey Anthracite UPVC Decking

Before you start planning your 2023 garden transformation, take a look at these three projects that really stood out in 2022, completed all over the UK. If you have any questions or you would like to discuss your needs in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out online or by calling us.