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Creating A Garden Oasis With UPVC Decking

Jo had a lingering dilemma over a vacant space at the bottom of her garden, seeking a solution that would both transform the area and provide lasting enjoyment.

Her journey with Lakeland Verandahs not only provided the perfect answer to her landscaping challenge but also surpassed her expectations in numerous ways. 

At the bottom of her garden, Jo had a space that didn’t have a clear purpose. She had made some attempts to improve it herself but soon realised that the expertise of professionals would be required to achieve the results she envisioned. The desire was not only for a functional outdoor space but also for one that would stand the test of time.

Jo’s vision for her garden space included light grey decking accented by dark grey features. She wanted an aesthetic that would not only be visually pleasing but also require minimal maintenance, allowing her to enjoy her garden retreat all year round.

Jo’s journey with Lakeland Verandahs began when a sales representative promptly responded to her request, visiting her home within 48 hours. A Lakeland Verandahs representative visited Jo and maintained constant communication, providing insights into the project’s timeline, lead times, and other essential details. This transparent and communicative approach ensured that Jo felt informed and involved throughout the process.

The result of Jo’s collaboration with Lakeland Verandahs far exceeded her expectations. The light grey decking blended seamlessly with the dark grey features, creating a beautiful and low-maintenance outdoor space that was a delight all year round. The durability and aesthetic appeal of the final product left Jo completely satisfied with her decision to enlist professional help.

Jo’s experience with Lakeland Verandahs was so positive that she is eager to work with them again. She plans to extend her outdoor space by joining two decks, further enhancing her garden oasis.

One of the aspects Jo loves most about her new decking is how it transports her to the relaxed atmosphere of Florida, where she enjoys holidays. The visual appeal of her garden space, with its light grey decking and well-thought-out features, including the palm trees around it, allows her to feel as though she’s surrounded by palm trees in the Sunshine State.

“I’m a perfectionist and would have no hesitation recommending Lakeland Verandahs to others. The project was executed with precision, which suited my very high standards!”

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Jo’s experience showcases the power of professional assistance in turning a garden’s underutilised space into a dream area.

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